The team at Strategies and Smiles, comprises of people from diverse background Technology, Social Sciences and Design, bringing to the table a rich and in-depth analysed experience in understanding complex systems. Having adopted the approach of Design Thinking and imbibing it in the approach which the team employs, improves the quality of output we provide to our clients.

We believe in "Going Beyond"- be it a Research question, or deciphering the needs of the consumers, or simply going beyond the sheet of the paper we get down to scribble at. This not only allows us to find grey portions in the script but also gives us freedom to explore and analyse.

As much as we have faith in the practices and processes, we also consider PEOPLE - to be the helm of any eco-system and hence – SMILES. Committed to make an impact, however small it may be, we always strive to understand our people better.

Studying businesses, culture and daily practices of people around, leads to setting clear business directions, actionable recommendations for desirable products and services as well as opportunities for game changing innovations.


Systems Communication and Strategies

User/Customer driven strategy & Future roadmap development: We design Concrete strategies, by putting the User as the Core Touch point. We also map the key forces that will have an impact on the business and develop future road maps accordingly.

Process Management: We work on designing the Processes and practices, to be adopted by organizations so as to effectively channelize their resources and for best desired outputs.

Change Management: Understanding the Goals of your organization, we provide design services in Audits, so as to bring out the desired changes yet maintaining the eco­system of your business environment.

Research & Policy Making: We design Policies for government institutions and social organizations.

Design Development Services

Communication Services: We work towards finding solutions that connects with the users. We provide Design services in Identity Building, Re-branding and providing a facelift to the organization.

Design Research: We believe in Research that leads to Tangible Business Solutions. We conduct ethnographic studies to generate deep consumer insights and future studies which are likely to shape or effect the industry. We adopt a User driven approach and work towards delivering tailor-made solutions.

Products and Service development: We help you create new products and services that matches with the real needs of the consumers. We conduct strong ethnographic researches to figure out the deep insights and real needs and translate these consumer insights into concrete prototypes of products and services

Audits- Processes, Structures: We help your organization evaluate Processes and Structures. We deliver solutions focused on effectively raising the outcomes of your assets- People, Processes.